Definition of coffee shop in English:

coffee shop


  • 1A cafe serving coffee and light refreshments.

    • ‘In New York, if you look hard, it is still possible to get a double espresso from a real coffee shop that makes no attempt to look like your lounge.’
    • ‘In coffee shops throughout the country, men can be found entertaining each other with humorous stories or heroic tales.’
    • ‘The library in which I skive in order to post this is having a major refit next year and apparently we are going to have some sort of coffee shop put in in the corner.’
    • ‘Lately, I'd rather work in a coffee shop.’
    • ‘There is also a coffee shop on the beach.’
    • ‘You can also host a breakfast in your school, creche, coffee shop, canteen, local community centre, youth club, work place etc.’
    • ‘He plays his songs in coffee shops, record shops and school talent shows.’
    • ‘We meet roughly once a month in the corner of a coffee-shop - in the upstairs of a bookshop.’
    • ‘I was sitting with a friend at a pavement table in a coffee-shop.’
    • ‘A bell rang as he opened the door to the quaint coffee shop.’
    • ‘I hope you understood what was happening in the coffee shop.’
    • ‘I go to coffee shops to watch people, not for the coffee.’
    • ‘If any other chain or individual coffee shop had ginger biscuits I would go there.’
    • ‘Call me old-fashioned, but when I go into a coffee shop in Amsterdam, I expect to be offered a cup of tea and a scone.’
    • ‘In the coffee shop of a bookstore, my phone signals a message.’
    • ‘But there I was, in my little coffee shop.’
    • ‘Hours after the quake, terrified residents stayed away from their homes, gathering in village squares and outdoor coffee shops.’
    • ‘Protestors are optimistic they will triumph after a public inquiry into illegal practices by the Seattle-based coffee shop.’
    • ‘We met the other day at Aunt Janet's coffee shop.’
    • ‘He has a place to sleep, food to eat, and a laptop to blog in coffee shops.’
    • ‘Instead, treat yourself once in a while to a fresh-baked cookie from a bakery or coffee shop.’
    • ‘Expert says for most people, a failure would have no discernible impact on, say, getting directions to the local coffee shop.’
    • ‘You could pick up that piece of information in a coffee shop, a barber shop or the House cloakroom.’
    • ‘This morning I have the African coffee shop to myself.’
    • ‘At the store's coffee shop another group relaxed over fragrant cappuccinos and pastry.’
    • ‘We took our coffee in a newly opened coffee shop - Cream - in the main street.’
    • ‘Devon glanced at the entrance to the trendy little coffee shop just as I came through the door.’
    • ‘In any city you can sit in a busy, warmly generic coffee shop staring out the window and across the street into a rival franchise.’
    • ‘Planners are being urged to be lenient over a franchise coffee shop that opened without permission.’
    • ‘The coffee shop is a frequent campaign hangout.’
    • ‘The conversation would look like a virtual coffee shop.’
    • ‘The Fractured Bean coffee shop was just down the street and he arrived in plenty of time.’
    • ‘We were going to go to the coffee shop anyway, Hannah.’
    • ‘The tables were dotted carefully around the coffee shop to give the semblance of disorder.’
    • ‘A California man was arrested for defacing the front door of a chain coffee shop, police said.’
    • ‘A town centre coffee shop will be brewing up for the last time this summer.’
    1. 1.1 A small, informal restaurant, as found in a hotel or department store.
      • ‘There was no one in the half lit lobby and at one end he saw a sign for a 24 hour coffee shop.’
      • ‘On arrival we headed straight to the Skyline Restaurant and had a delicious lunch at the coffee shop.’
      • ‘He debated having a cup of coffee in the hotel coffee shop, but decided against it.’
      • ‘I got into my dream of opening a vegetarian restaurant / coffee shop / deli in the area.’
      • ‘About an hour later, the two went to an all night coffee shop, and had a real chance to talk.’
      • ‘Facilities for guests will include a gym, a restaurant, a bar and a coffee shop.’
      • ‘His dad owns some coffee shop in Geylang and sells relatively successful Asian noodles.’
      • ‘He was last seen dining with a young foreign lady in the hotel coffee shop earlier that evening.’
      • ‘They didn't have far to walk when they found this cute little diner / coffee shop.’
      • ‘Dressed in a blue shirt, he sat at the coffee shop at the hotel all set to brief media people on a product launch.’
      • ‘Another committee owned a food enterprise that rented the hotel restaurant and coffee shop.’
      • ‘This is basically the hotel coffee shop, with a nice outdoor terrace and an international menu.’
      • ‘Meanwhile work at Mill Hall will see a better entrance, reception, and refurbished coffee shop and bar installed.’
      • ‘We were running a little late and I was famished, so we broke a rule and had a light lunch in the coffee shop.’
      • ‘Whether in a grand hotel or a rural coffee shop, I found the service to be spot on every time.’
      • ‘They'd seen him around, but never in the places they frequented - coffee shop or pub.’


coffee shop