Definition of coffee palace in English:

coffee palace


  • A hotel which does not serve alcoholic drinks.

    ‘imminent bankruptcy forced the coffee palaces to convert into licensed hotels’
    • ‘The wooden shop adjacent was once a Coffee Palace, one of a chain of temperance hotels throughout Victoria.’
    • ‘I felt as if I had come into a coffee palace and I was the coffee king.’
    • ‘The movement encouraged the establishment of temperance hotels and coffee palaces, which proliferated in the 1880s.’
    • ‘Witness Melbourne's entrepreneurial spirit, from the days of coffee palaces, market gardens, in-house roasters and the origin of the city's cafe culture.’
    • ‘The coffee palace was an American concept introduced to Melbourne in a number of places.’
    • ‘At this point the hotel was known as the Grand Coffee Palace and for a brief period, under the influence of the Temperance Movement, banned liquor from its premises.’
    • ‘The hotel was originally a coffee palace then a pub and is now a back-packer's hostel.’
    • ‘Most of his coffee palaces were forced to convert or close.’
    • ‘Coffee palaces had virtually disappeared by the 1930s and 1940s, though some of the buildings were adapted for other purposes.’
    • ‘Many of Melbourne's coffee palaces were built by the property tycoon, politician and temperance advocate.’