Definition of coffee cup in English:

coffee cup


  • A cup, typically a small one, in which coffee is served.

    • ‘The girl gave him a look over the rim of her coffee cup that would have wilted a sunflower.’
    • ‘She fiddled with the plastic spoon that was stranded in her coffee cup and smiled ruefully.’
    • ‘He secured the lid to his coffee cup and latched the cup to the arm of his chair with a magnetic clamp.’
    • ‘His eyes darted to the old coffee cup from a few days ago sitting in the cup holder.’
    • ‘The dainty coffee cup was dwarfed by his thick fingers, like a piece from a child's tea set.’
    • ‘Jim glanced at his coffee cup, asking himself if another cup would be too many this early.’
    • ‘The coffee cup was warm in her hands.’
    • ‘Our visitor appeared startled at this information but on recovering his composure took his coffee cup and sat down at the table.’
    • ‘He folds the newspaper, and takes the coffee cup out of my hand, resting it with a clink on the table in front of us.’
    • ‘If all she has to do is fill a coffee cup and pass it over the counter to you, you don't have to tip her.’
    • ‘Once the coffee is hot, pour about a third of it into the coffee cup to warm it up and return the pan to the heat.’
    • ‘Quickly, as if expecting him to get up and leave, she pushed the coffee cup towards him and pulled out her notebook and pencil.’
    • ‘Leander's lips winced as they felt the sharp bite of heat from the coffee cup.’
    • ‘Somehow we managed to reach the top of the stairs without incident, neither I, nor my coffee cup, took a tumble.’
    • ‘The ‘tank’ for this water must be about the size of a coffee cup, because it always seems to be empty.’
    • ‘When you place your order the cashier marks a coffee cup with your order and places it into the queue.’
    • ‘Right now, I have a new coffee cup just begging to be broken in with a hot cup of Joe.’
    • ‘Deirdre turned away, her smile evident and walked away to wash the coffee cup.’
    • ‘She turned her attention back to her coffee cup and mumbled something into the rim.’
    • ‘Albert bangs down his coffee cup with schoolboyish enthusiasm.’