Definition of coercivity in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • The resistance of a magnetic material to changes in magnetization, equivalent to the field intensity necessary to demagnetize the fully magnetized material.

    • ‘The straightforward remedy is to adopt magnetic materials of higher coercivity, meaning they are harder both to magnetize and to demagnetize.’
    • ‘To enable increased bit and track densities, media manufacturers have used increasing coercivity for every successive generation of tape products.’
    • ‘Magnetic stripes are defined by coercivity, or how densely the magnetic particles are packed into the stripe.’
    • ‘The coercivity of haematite exceeds that of magnetite, and hence this technique is of little use on haematite-dominated magnetizations.’
    • ‘A fundamental challenge researchers are facing is that high media coercivity is normally associated with an increased difficulty in writing.’