Definition of codec in English:



  • A device or program that compresses data to enable faster transmission and decompresses received data.

    • ‘This adds to the feeling of actual presence and reduces the processing load on the codec enabling a quicker refresh rate with less flicker.’
    • ‘Perhaps the single most confusing aspect of all this is to properly set up the video and audio codecs so that you use the ones that actually exist on your system.’
    • ‘The design flow is driven by research on future applications, such as software-defined radio and multi-format multimedia codecs.’
    • ‘The Skype system uses several different proprietary audio codecs to handle audio compression.’
    • ‘When we tested the desktop dual-core processors, we pointed out that contemporary video codecs do support multi-threading.’


1960s: blend of coder (see code) and decoder (see decode).