Definition of cod war in English:

cod war


  • Any of several disputes between Britain and Iceland in the period 1958–76, concerning fishing rights in waters around Iceland.

    • ‘One of the few twentieth-century wars to produce an unambiguous victor was the Icelandic cod war.’
    • ‘This triggered a cod war with British fishermen, who were excluded, without further ado, from a traditional fishing area.’
    • ‘Relations between Britain and Iceland reached crisis point during a series of ‘cod wars’ in the 1960s.’
    • ‘He had been thrown out of work following the cod wars and eventually became a victim of the failing industry.’
    • ‘It followed a long and difficult campaign to persuade Whitehall it should compensate men thrown out of work after the ‘cod wars’.’
    • ‘The 1970s saw two ‘cod wars’: small coast guard vessels would cut the trawls of British trawlers, narrowly escaping larger British navy vessels.’’
    • ‘The Icelanders didn't allow the demise of their fish stocks by foreigners, witness the cod war when they kicked us out of their waters.’
    • ‘During the 1970s he spent several holidays serving on a supply ship during the Icelandic cod wars.’
    • ‘On occasion, estate management involves the use of force, such as during the ‘cod wars’ of the North Atlantic.’