Definition of cocotte in English:



  • 1usually in phrase en cocotte /ɒ̃ kɒˈkɒt/A small heatproof dish in which individual portions of food can be cooked and served.

    • ‘No less vigorous are lobster en cocotte in a bracing citrus-seafood broth, and free-range chicken leg on barley risotto strewn with caramelized cauliflower.’
    • ‘The eggs en cocotte that he served for dinner were very heavily garnished with truffles and buried in cream, with a mantle of cheese.’
    • ‘Very soon he will put versions of Escoffier-era classics like sole Veronique and lamb en cocotte on the à la carte menu.’
    • ‘You shouldn't come here merely to revel in birthdays and anniversaries but to focus on and swoon over dishes like sweetbreads en cocotte with ginger and licorice.’
    • ‘This dish is a sort of poshed up egg en cocotte, baked with ham and tomato.’
  • 2dated A fashionable prostitute.

    • ‘Coquette and cocotte were equally part of the era's imaginary representations of women.’
    • ‘All of her female characters are brilliantly realised: worldly wife, sophisticated cocotte, ingenue, free spirit, prude.’