Definition of coconut water in English:

coconut water


mass noun
  • The watery white liquid found inside a young coconut, consumed as a drink.

    • ‘Even rice soup and coconut water, which are usually discarded, can be promoted as health drinks.’
    • ‘I help myself to a drink of VX and coconut water and hold a seat.’
    • ‘A dignified Gemini Ganesan arrived as the waiters began to totter in balancing trays of refreshing coconut water spiked with sprigs of mint.’
    • ‘For the crushed coconut ice: Unmold frozen coconut water into a heavy-duty plastic bag.’
    • ‘There was another with a tea glass in her hand circling what I thought was coconut water.’
    • ‘On a hot day, try coconut water.’
    • ‘The smell of frying fish wafts my way as I sip coconut water and relax in an easy chair.’
    • ‘Yes, the island had dry coconuts, so they were able to get fluid from the coconut water.’
    • ‘Coming on strong is coconut water, the liquid that brims out of freshly cut coconuts.’
    • ‘He said he never felt afflicted by the disease, preferring fresh coconut water from Savannah vendors to the drugs recommended by his doctors.’
    • ‘Water, barley water and tender coconut water are safe options.’
    • ‘She replied, "Gwen, the fruit punch will be fine, I will try the coconut water another day."’
    • ‘This liquid can conveniently be called 'coconut juice' or 'coconut water'.’
    • ‘Virtually every street corner has a makeshift stall, selling watermelon in cut, crushed or juice form, or tender coconut water.’
    • ‘I recall an endless day of driving that required many stops along the way for soft drinks or coconut water or watermelon.’
    • ‘It is believed this coconut water has miraculous powers.’
    • ‘I obeyed, eagerly gulping down the coconut water.’
    • ‘The process involved the collection, filtering and pasteurisation of tender coconut water and pineapple juice prior to their mixing.’
    • ‘Relax, you are allowed to sip on fruit juice, tender coconut water or vegetable juice, at about eleven in the morning.’
    • ‘He had gone to buy coconut water from a street vendor.’