Definition of cocky chaff in English:

cocky chaff


mass nounAustralian
  • Husks separated from wheat grain by threshing; wheat chaff.

    ‘cocky chaff was used as a binder in walls of mud brick’
    • ‘He thought pollard and cocky chaff the cheapest food for working horses.’
    • ‘He preferred to feed oats dry, mixed with cocky chaff, giving about 1½ gallons of oats per horse per day.’
    • ‘He got rid of ticks by putting some damp cocky chaff in the henhouse and setting fire to it, creating a dense smoke.’
    • ‘Scatter the grain well between cocky chaff or straw to keep birds busy and promote health.’
    • ‘A few loads of straw or cocky chaff spread on such places will overcome the difficulty.’
    • ‘Cover the oats with as much water as they will soak up, and allow them to swell before mixing them with a little bran and cocky chaff.’
    • ‘He read a paper on the conservation of cocky chaff.’
    • ‘To secure a sufficient supply of fodder, cut as much hay as possible, save the cocky chaff, and gather and stack as much straw as possible.’
    • ‘When necessary to feed them after harvest, they may be given as much cocky chaff as hay chaff, and will do well on it.’
    • ‘It would be far better in the end to utilize the hay, straw, and cocky chaff with such grain as was available to make a good average food.’


Late 19th century: from cocky + chaff.