Definition of cocktail sauce in English:

cocktail sauce


mass nounNorth American
  • A cold sauce made with ketchup or chilli sauce and horseradish, typically served with seafood.

    ‘six plump shrimp were accompanied by a slice of lemon and cup of zesty cocktail sauce’
    • ‘Atop the tray were bowls of house cocktail sauce, surprisingly mild horseradish shavings and a tarragon mayo.’
    • ‘There was popcorn shrimp and shelled shrimp cocktail, routinely drowned in either ramekins of melted butter or vats of cocktail sauce.’
    • ‘The server will come by to grind some fresh horseradish into the cocktail sauce, which can't hurt.’
    • ‘Skip the shrimp cocktail, which was waterlogged with an overly sweet cocktail sauce.’
    • ‘Jumbo shrimp served on a bed of crushed ice and drowning in a spicy cocktail sauce was our first course.’
    • ‘The roasty qualities of the beef are accented by the sweetness of the bun and the cocktail sauce.’
    • ‘An obvious crowd pleaser was the shrimp cocktail, in which a gorgeous dozen shrimp came with a grapefruit-infused cocktail sauce.’
    • ‘A big slice of lemon and a teeny container of cocktail sauce were served on the side, along with a generous helping of fries.’
    • ‘We make a real remoulade, we don't serve a bottled tartar sauce, and our own cocktail sauce is made with fresh tomatoes.’
    • ‘He enjoyed oysters on the half shell with cocktail sauce.’