Definition of cocksure in English:


Pronunciation /kɒkˈʃʊə//kɒkˈʃɔː/


  • Confident in an excessive or arrogant way.

    ‘the cocksure golf prodigy from California’
    • ‘He is also immature, vain, haughtily cocksure in his perception of the world and ripe for certain lessons, both emotional and intellectual.’
    • ‘The golfer was known for his aggressive style, a cocksure attitude and candid opinions of himself and others.’
    • ‘She holds the stage with mesmerising presence; commanding attention with the charisma and cocksure confidence of the rock gods of old.’
    • ‘He is capable, confident, and cocksure, and perhaps most importantly, seemingly content with his chosen profession and lifestyle.’
    • ‘He had hated the Marines' cocksure arrogance, all the more infuriating because it was so clearly justified.’
    • ‘I was kind of brash and cocksure, and I didn't listen to anyone.’
    • ‘His cocksure self-belief, some might say, looks like arrogance and gets up more than a few nostrils on the grand prix circuit.’
    • ‘I was stripped of a confidence that could have almost been described as arrogant - certainly cocksure - I don't think I liked myself at all in high school.’
    • ‘The person praying becomes at once small and humble, which helps him to deal better with his helpless condition much more effectively than his arrogant and cocksure attitude does.’
    • ‘He's so arrogant, so cocksure… he eyed me up in the foyer as if I was just a slab of meat.’
    • ‘I don't think the guys will go in with any cocksure attitude on Sunday, even against the minor counties.’
    • ‘He's handsome enough, and he's got that cocksure attitude with the posing and pouting and acting all mad.’
    • ‘The film-makers are so cocksure they've already promised the actor $20 million for the sequel.’
    • ‘It was certainly sunshine football done with a cocksure swagger of which the yellow-clad heroes from South America are renowned.’
    • ‘His cocksure attitude and swaggering womanizing make him ripe for a smack in the face.’
    • ‘The 12 songs here reveal a band that's cocksure but never cocky, moody but never melodramatic and musically adept.’
    • ‘Now, she couldn't even remember why she was once so cocksure and confident in herself.’
    • ‘His competition with the since-departed major was supportive and good-natured, a sign of maturity from an otherwise cocksure prodigy.’
    • ‘He is too cocksure of himself - it is one of his weak spots as a politician.’
    • ‘The supposedly cocksure and unshakeable defence secretary has come under pressure to resign over the photo scandal.’
    arrogant, conceited, overconfident, overweening, cocky, smug, haughty, supercilious, disdainful, lofty, patronizing, proud, vain, vainglorious, self-important, swollen-headed, egotistical, presumptuous, lordly, pompous, blustering, boastful, brash, self-assertive, opinionated, bold, forward, insolent
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Early 16th century: from archaic cock (a euphemism for God) + sure; later associated with cock.