Definition of cockling in English:



mass nounBritish
  • The activity or occupation of gathering cockles.

    as modifier ‘large-scale cockling operations’
    • ‘A proper national licensing system is required to protect cockling beds and safeguard the livelihoods of local fishermen.’
    • ‘Now the official is trying to drum home the message that forward planning is essential to ensuring safety during cockling.’
    • ‘What we were doing was very different than a cockling expedition by people unfamiliar with the area.’
    • ‘The increased level of commercial cockling this year is to come under the spotlight at a major meeting later this month.’
    • ‘Other boats which are currently hard at work in the cockling trade were moored up for visitors to see.’
    • ‘The government has admitted it gave inaccurate information about its actions before the cockling disaster.’
    • ‘We will be calling for more urgent consideration to be given to the safety aspects surrounding cockling activities.’
    • ‘They are being questioned about involvement they may have had in organizing the cockling trip that led to the tragedy.’
    • ‘Some 890 permits were issued but, due to the antiquated by-laws governing fisheries, it stopped short of imposing cockling quotas or controls on the numbers of pickers.’
    • ‘The problem could also affect nearby Leigh which is the central hub of the cockling industry in the Thames Estuary.’
    • ‘The organisations have said they are unable to stop the cockling because it is a fishery activity.’
    • ‘I understand people are still reticent and scared because of the nature of the cockling business but I still feel there's information we could get.’
    • ‘He said this week that cockling had been allowed to become a dangerous, free-for-all activity.’
    • ‘Sir, I refer to several recent articles regarding the need to control cockling, or more specifically the frequent side effects of cockling.’
    • ‘No limit is put on the number issued and there are no checks to make sure that those applying have any cockling experience.’
    • ‘She called for controls on cockling and said a licensing fee could be charged which could pay for regulation to improve safety.’
    • ‘The home secretary has responded to the tragedy by backing an already tabled private members bill to regulate the cockling trade.’
    • ‘Those involved in cockling may be coming to this county with the expectation of rich pickings, but if they break the law, it could prove costly for them.’
    • ‘He said that he felt strongly about cockling in the bay, where the beds had just been closed, and where there was a need for proper regulation.’
    • ‘In the past cockling in Morecambe Bay has been carried out by local fishermen.’