Definition of cockie in English:



  • A cockroach.

    ‘the contractors had already sprayed for cockies and fleas’
    • ‘To see some of Queensland's finest cockies, plan to attend the Cockroach Races held annually at the hotel on Australia Day.’
    • ‘Don't worry about the cockies—the snakes love them!’
    • ‘Properly sourced cockies can be toasted, fried, sauteed, or boiled.’
    • ‘There are cockies in the dunny, mate.’
    • ‘By following a few simple steps, you can give cockies an eviction notice for good.’
    • ‘Cockies are common and reside even in the best of homes.’
    • ‘As social critters, they do like to know where fellow cockies are hiding.’
    • ‘I had a beach unit which we called 'cockies mansion'.’
    • ‘We don't use pesticides, and I'm very proud of any insect I find in the garden or house (except for the inevitable cockies!).’
    • ‘They say the cockies are indestructible—not true—they cannot swim, and they make crap surfers.’


1980s: abbreviation.