Definition of cockeyed in English:



  • 1Crooked or askew; not level.

    ‘cockeyed camera angles’
    • ‘The figures in Graham's work often look cockeyed.’
    • ‘His usual cockeyed grin betrays the fact that he's being honorably discharged for coming out to his commanding officer.’
    • ‘Her ponytail is cockeyed, and it makes her head look off, swollen slightly over her ear.’
    • ‘There was a cold furnace festooned with service pipes and otherwise nothing but cockeyed telegraph poles and loops of wire in a bare waste of ashes.’
    • ‘There is a cedar wreath with dried flowers leaning at a cockeyed angle against the cross.’
    • ‘Looking at the assembly, it obviously was cockeyed, which would have caused uneven wear and tear on the seal over time, with ultimate failure.’
    • ‘His cockeyed, comic leer will keep us from taking any situation too seriously.’
    • ‘‘I need to keep this job you know,’ she said with a cockeyed grin.’
    • ‘With a cockeyed cap, huge black gown, diploma in hand and silly grin, many college graduates envision a ready-made, wonderful life awaiting them.’
    • ‘‘I bet it's not so long,’ he said with a cockeyed grin.’
    • ‘With his day's growth of stubble, short black hair and cockeyed smile he seemed more like a rogue or highwayman than magician.’
    • ‘She burst into the hovel, knocking the cockeyed door from its lone rusty hinge.’
    crooked, awry, askew, lopsided, uneven, asymmetrical, to one side, off-centre, skewed, skew, misaligned
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    1. 1.1 Absurd; impractical.
      ‘do you expect us to believe a cockeyed story like that?’
      • ‘He lacks customary deference to party elders (and to the media's own cockeyed definition of reality).’
      • ‘It sounds sort of cockeyed, but dreams have to start somewhere.’
      • ‘His original proposition - cut taxes regressively, double military spending, shrink government and balance the federal budget - looked cockeyed from the start.’
      • ‘We might ask ourselves: If these ideas are so self-evidently cockeyed and reactionary, why do they keep advancing?’
      • ‘The producer comes up with this cockeyed idea, and the screenwriter pretends to treat what the producer's saying as wisdom, just so he'll get the job.’
      • ‘‘What needs to happen is this civic centre should be refurbished and what we don't need is some cockeyed plan put forward for another site,’ he said.’
      • ‘As a cockeyed optimist with a cynical streak, I've got the best of both worlds.’
      • ‘I'm so afraid that he'll forget me, that it wasn't real, and that this will become just another nail in the coffin of my cockeyed optimism.’
      • ‘They are just a bunch of cockeyed optimists, those stock analysts.’
      • ‘Well, one's first impression is that nature has played a cockeyed practical joke.’
      • ‘It's this kind of muddled headed logic that seems now so typical of his cockeyed view on many issues.’
      • ‘It's the tale of Malcolm, an art school drop out who persuades his hapless friends to join his cockeyed crusade against the system.’
      • ‘After 17 years of European style instrument making, he finally came up with a product, which is a hybrid mixture of discipline, practicality and Australian cockeyed optimism.’
      • ‘Blogs open up new vistas for you and force you to consider sometimes cockeyed points of view that end up giving you more perspective.’
      • ‘At this juncture, even a cockeyed optimist has difficulty seeing much hope.’
      • ‘Just call me a cockeyed optimist.’
      • ‘Does this readiness to invest in so-called safety devices represent sheer barking madness or a rather admirable brand of cockeyed optimism?’
      • ‘In this cockeyed world, only the market is truly democratic, a view as crazy as it is increasingly influential.’
      • ‘I would have thought that suburbanites would be the very last to indulge in such a cockeyed fanciful endeavour.’
      • ‘Most beneficiaries of this cockeyed system have the grace to keep their heads down and mouths shut.’
      absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, risible
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    2. 1.2dated Drunk.
      ‘I got cockeyed’
      • ‘In the middle of filming of the movie, he arrived on the set weaving and cockeyed.’
      • ‘Why lounge around in a bar, spending money, when you could get cockeyed on the clock while dollars rolled into your pocket?’
  • 2(of a person or their eyes) having a squint.


Early 19th century: apparently from the verb cock and eye.