Definition of cochoa in English:



  • An Asian thrush of evergreen forests, typically with predominantly purplish or green plumage and a pale blue crown.

    Genus Cochoa, family Turdidae: four species

    • ‘Thirty-five restricted-range bird species are found in this ecoregion including two threatened species: the Sumatran cochoa and Sumatran ground-cuckoo.’
    • ‘Some of the more notable birds within the exhibit include black-browed barbets, sultan tits, Javan cochoas and blue-masked leafbirds.’
    • ‘The cochoa eventually flew short distances in several hops and gave us all brief views, allowing us to see that he was an immature male.’
    • ‘The cochoas are very slender birds, and the one I saw was very horizontal on its branch, tearing away at something.’
    • ‘We will make excursions into the cloud forests of the surrounding mountains to search for pittas, cochoas, parrotbills and many more.’


Modern Latin, from a Nepali name.