Definition of coccolithophorid in English:


adjective & noun

  • See coccolithophore

    • ‘Corals, some types of mollusk, and tiny planktonic organisms called foraminifers and coccolithophorids could all be affected.’
    • ‘It is well known that an increase in atmospheric pCO2 slows down calcification in living coccolithophorids.’
    • ‘The coccolithophorids range in age from Triassic to Recent, and form a major constituent of Mesozoic and Tertiary chalks.’
    • ‘There are several hundred living species of this group, which includes the benign coccolithophorids.’
    • ‘Amongst the affected species are microscopic marine plants called coccolithophorids, which lie at the base of the marine food-chain and are part of the ‘meadows of the sea’ on which most marine life ultimately depends.’