Definition of coble in English:



  • A flat-bottomed fishing boat of a type used in Scotland and north-eastern England.

    • ‘The dock was famous the world over in drawings and paintings of the village when it was filled with brown-sailed fishing cobles.’
    • ‘At night the woman would feel stabs of fear as she thought of the tossing coble where her man was earning a living for them.’
    • ‘In the 1820s there were 130 fishermen sailing 35 cobles and five large herring boats.’
    • ‘We have reached the waterside where a fishing coble is moored to the bank.’
    • ‘The 88-year-old coble, a flat-bottomed fishing boat, had survived a direct hit by a stick bomb in 1943, which went right through her hull.’


Old English, perhaps of Celtic origin and related to Welsh ceubal ‘ferry boat, skiff’.