Definition of cobbled in English:



  • (of an area or roadway) paved with cobbles.

    ‘a cobbled courtyard’
    ‘the street was narrow and cobbled’
    • ‘It could take hours or days for people interested in culture just to wander the criss-crossed cobbled streets.’
    • ‘A girl is riding a bicycle down the cobbled streets of Cambridge - hair flying, gown billowing out behind her.’
    • ‘Looked after by the historical society, the cobbled lanes are great to wander along.’
    • ‘A narrow cobbled road wound out of sight in the distance, beckoning one to explore around the next turn.’
    • ‘Hastily I tossed the boy his fare, and his horses trotted off down the cobbled road.’
    • ‘In the cobbled backstreets mustachioed old men in tweed jackets and gaiters drive decorated carts at breakneck speeds.’
    • ‘The cobbled road faded into a beaten path shot with strips of frozen grass that cracked like a gunshot with every touch of a hoof.’
    • ‘She was woken by the crackle of her coach's wheels scraping on the cobbled road.’
    • ‘The trio kicked a ball around the famed cobbled street and joked they wouldn't be allowed home if they wore anything other than the red shirt.’
    • ‘The horses' hooves clipped through the cobbled streets of London towards Whitechapel.’
    • ‘Lush lawns are fed by underground sprinklers, while one of the cobbled patio areas extends from the entrance gates right up to the house.’
    • ‘I had finished my lectures for the day and was heading back to my car, which was parked on one of the old cobbled streets of the cathedral area.’
    • ‘The improvement of lighting in the castle area to enhance the safe use of the cobbled area is laudable.’
    • ‘The water was well up the cobbled lane that runs down the side of the park.’
    • ‘He had been strolling down the wet cobbled road when he saw her walking some feet ahead of him.’
    • ‘In recent years the traditional market town with its cobbled streets has become renowned for staging varied and colourful festivals all year round.’
    • ‘Patio doors lead from the conservatory to a cobbled patio area.’
    • ‘This leads to another gate and joins a cobbled road.’
    • ‘The two-part docu-drama was filmed in the village last year, locations shots taken in the parsonage and on the cobbled streets.’
    • ‘Before midnight, they made their way by horse-drawn carriage up the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile from a reception in the City Chambers.’