Definition of cobber in English:



Australian, NZ
  • A companion or friend (often used as a form of address between men)

    ‘G'day cobbers!’
    • ‘And what's wrong with putting in a good word for your cobber?’
    • ‘I got one of my cobbers at university to ring up about three or four hours later and there was still a vacancy there.’
    • ‘We cobbers bond through proximity not talk - not serious talk anyway.’
    • ‘So, whaddya reckon, cobber: Will this be a summer of sporting triumph or an unusually concentrated period of humiliation?’
    • ‘The wounded digger clings to the belt of the man in front with his sound hand, while his other cobber gets underneath and pushes him up.’
    man, my friend
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Late 19th century: perhaps related to English dialect cob ‘take a liking to’.