Definition of coatroom in English:



North American
  • A cloakroom.

    • ‘The man led her inside to the coatroom and received her coat.’
    • ‘Food, lockers, a coatroom, reclining chairs, and soft music also were given high scores.’
    • ‘Always use the venue coatrooms or ask the bar staff to look after your items.’
    • ‘When we arrived, Jill was waiting right in the coatroom for us, and flung open the door to greet us before we even reached the doorstep.’
    • ‘Public seminar rooms, lockers, and coatrooms are in the basement, with the library functions on the upper floors.’
    • ‘Finding the coatroom, she grabbed her coat and left the house, walking across the lawn.’
    • ‘To my right was an opening into a very fancy coatroom, where two coats (one mink, the other a rich black) hung side-by-side.’
    • ‘As they came in, they set their soaking coats and hats on the pegs in the coatroom; it had been pouring outside since dawn.’
    • ‘Her companion, the braver of the two, pulled the heavy oak door towards her, enclosing them inside the comfort of the coatroom once again.’
    • ‘Izzy had busied himself with turning on the light in the little coatroom.’
    • ‘She put everything in a duffle bag and checked it in the coatroom.’
    • ‘She led Felicity through a tiny coatroom, where she helped her take off her heavy sweater.’