Definition of coastland in English:



mass nounalso coastlands
  • An expanse of land near the sea.

    • ‘Originating in the early 1970's, these were the workhorses of BC's big wood logging operations up and down the coastland.’
    • ‘And that is how a state effort to protect coastlands derailed the most environmentally progressive development California had ever seen.’
    • ‘For a course at the Helsinki University of Technology, we imagined a day when global warming had caused the polar ice caps to melt and the sea level to rise, submerging coastlands and whole islands.’
    • ‘During most of its history Libya has been inhabited by Arab and Berber nomads, only the coastlands and oases being settled.’
    • ‘A walker with plenty of stamina and a fair sense of balance can make a memorable week's hike westward along the Sfakiot coastlands by way of the footpaths through these great canyons.’
    • ‘Less than a half hour in length, the film centres on the activities of an oil company who want to buy coastland beside a major oil field find in the Atlantic.’
    • ‘In the next forty years, English and Flemish settlers poured into the rich arable coastlands of south Wales.’
    • ‘Your sacrifices and fortitude are honored and your rewards are the gratitude of those saved at sea, a cleaner coastland, a more educated public and a safer America.’
    • ‘They carry silt from the Mississippi River that replenishes the delta and keeps the coastland above the water line, creating a gradual buffer from the sea.’
    • ‘The area would never become like Mexico's coastlands.’