Definition of coast disease in English:

coast disease


mass nounAustralian
  • A disease of sheep caused by deficiency in certain minerals, formerly prevalent in coastal southern Australia.

    ‘the application of copper sulphate eliminated coast disease’
    • ‘At the same time, a chemist with a background in geology was mapping out the areas affected by coast disease on Kangaroo Island.’
    • ‘Do you think that destroying the mallee does away with coast disease?’
    • ‘The veterinary pathologist shows that coast disease in Western Australia is identical with the disease of the same name in South Australia.’
    • ‘In the early days of investigation into coast disease, his property was designated an experimental farm and he was made a field officer.’
    • ‘He was an old man of 98, but with undimmed memories of the remarkable bloom of life brought to the country once blighted by coast disease.’
    • ‘If the sheep were not moved inland every year, they became anaemic and wasted away until, often, they died—the settlers called this mysterious ailment coast disease.’
    • ‘In 1928, a visiting South African veterinarian suggested that coast disease might be caused by a deficiency of phosphorus.’
    • ‘Profound anaemia with a gross lack of red cells was a common feature of coast disease.’
    • ‘Cobalt deficiency was identified as the cause of coast disease in sheep.’
    • ‘A cure for coast disease, a wasting disease of sheep, was discovered in the late 1930s by Marston and his team at the Division of Animal Nutrition.’