Definition of coarseness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being rough or harsh.

    ‘the coarseness of her hair’
    • ‘Skin, hair coloring and coarseness of hair are all factors in how many treatments are needed.’
    • ‘The decoration covers everything and is simpler than before, giving the impression of coarseness.’
    • ‘Observers ' identification of sex did not correlate with their ratings of chubbiness or coarseness or delicateness of features or with the babies ' gestation or birth weight.’
    • ‘Hair texture is measured by the degree of fineness or coarseness of your hair, which varies according to the diameter of each individual hair.’
    • ‘You can hear the slow vibrato and the coarseness of open strings - and then the best song, for me, begins.’
    • ‘The spacing of magnetic lines of force due to the coarseness of the shavings represents the saturation capacity of the shaving grains, which again is conditioned by their size.’
    • ‘The fieldlike pattern was robust against changes in the hoarding parameters, the coarseness of the grid, and the climate parameters.’
    • ‘This really depends on different factors such as hair color, the coarseness of the hair and the type of the skin.’
    • ‘Depending on the coarseness of the hair and whether it is dry or damaged, use a moisturizing shampoo adjusted to the current condition of the hair.’
    • ‘Different species have different density and coarseness of baleen due to their different food sources.’
    • ‘The details of the ornamentation are obscured by the coarseness of the silicification on some specimens.’
    • ‘They were drinkable, but their coarseness soon jaded the palate.’
    • ‘Although Jarnot delayed his arrival to Washington by two days to combat the flu, vocal coarseness was seldom heard in his full program of songs by Wagner, Liszt, and Duparc.’
    • ‘The coarseness of her voice gratified me.’
    • ‘His features are not distinguished; they are heavy and even to the point of coarseness.’
    • ‘Joy likens the house to a geode, the coarseness of the rough steel exterior contrasting with the refinement of the interior.’
    • ‘And he points out that the monitoring of hurricane winds today has a coarseness of about 5 miles per hour.’
    • ‘Prolonged hot weather in the later stages of development may not only retard growth but result in an undesirable strong flavor and coarseness in the roots.’
    • ‘Each ingredient is scrubbed, pared, polished into a tiny jewel, all coarseness fined away.’
    • ‘Sandpaper Know-How: Sandpaper comes in a range of grit or coarseness.’
    • ‘Depending on hair coarseness, it takes 5-15 minutes to dissolve the hair, which you simply wash away.’
    roughness, prickliness, wiriness, bristliness, scratchiness
    oafishness, loutishness, boorishness, churlishness, uncouthness, rudeness, ill manners, discourteousness, ungentlemanliness, vulgarity, roughness, crassness
    vulgarity, crudeness, offensiveness, indelicacy, impropriety, indecorousness, unseemliness, crassness, tastelessness, lewdness, prurience
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    1. 1.1 The quality of being coarse in texture.
      ‘you can set the desired coarseness of your flour’
      • ‘Texture: imaged objects display some degree of coarseness or smoothness.’
      • ‘Slightly longer than tall, he has a coat of moderate length and coarseness with coloring that offers variety and individuality in each specimen.’
      • ‘He sensed, rather than felt, the coarseness of the cane chair beneath his hand, the hardness of the ring on his finger.’
      • ‘Besides grating cheese, my wife likes the coarseness for grating zucchini and carrots for baking.’
      • ‘At the same time this coarseness of taste did not blunt his intellectual sagacity.’
      • ‘Feeling its coarseness he squealed with delight.’
      • ‘The properties obtained subsequently depend on the coarseness of the pearlite and ferrite and their relative distribution.’
      • ‘The coarseness of the ingredients will wash the dead cell when you remove the mixture from face.’
      • ‘The coarseness of the silicification tends to distort the reticulae.’
      • ‘Changing the coarseness from 20 to 40 drastically modifies the domain definition of the central region of the Ca-ATPase.’
      • ‘The sandpaper is stacked in the kit in order of grit coarseness - sometimes the grit number gets cut off.’
      • ‘Indeed, for well defined dynamical domains, changing the coarseness does not modify significantly its definition.’
      • ‘Facies B2 was probably deposited in an upper to middle shoreface setting as suggested by the low depth of the storm-related structures and the coarseness of the deposits.’
      • ‘By adjusting these elements, you can set the desired coarseness of your flour.’
      • ‘Because he's from America, where Styrofoam is considered to be luxurious, everything has a coarseness to the touch.’
      • ‘The boundary between these domains is parallel to the membrane plane and moves upwards when the coarseness increases.’
      • ‘This will sand out all the coarseness left by the grinding grit.’
      • ‘The breads varied in fiber, protein, water, and fat content as well as coarseness.’
      • ‘The pits on the Texas specimens are often partially or completely obscured by the coarseness of the silicification.’
      • ‘Intriguingly, the tensile strengths of the mutant and wild type fibres were very similar which means that decreased coarseness was not achieved at the expense of strength.’
      roughness, prickliness, wiriness, bristliness, scratchiness
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  • 2Rudeness; vulgarity.

    ‘he disliked the coarseness of the men around him’
    • ‘The very last question from the audience during this session was about the increasing coarseness of political discourse.’
    • ‘We have coarseness, lack of refinement, even brutality.’
    • ‘Thanks to television, swearing and coarseness have become far more commonplace in our lives.’
    • ‘In regard to its meanings, it indicates lowness, coarseness, or commonplace mentality.’
    • ‘This version also pinpoints the emotional coarseness in smart salons.’
    • ‘I did not like the sentimental coarseness of Mr. Grattan's speech.’
    • ‘Eventually he left the newspaper, after being criticized for the obscurity of his poetry and the coarseness of his language.’
    • ‘Yeah, he's a great character, but taking him to a foreign country only exacerbates his coarseness without revealing any redeeming values.’
    • ‘In place of the well-turned, feline exchanges of Versailles, there is a certain coarseness.’
    • ‘Alas, the wild youth, morally suborned by the coarseness of his adventures in America, abandons the innocent Ruth.’
    • ‘It makes Will and Viola stand out as islands of refinement and nobility in a sea of coarseness.’
    • ‘Instead he relies on brutality, scatological humour and a pervasive aura of coarseness.’
    • ‘A certain coarseness pervades the book, from the crude characterisation to the infantile wish-fulfilment, right down to the playground profanity.’
    • ‘Many mistakenly associate the blues with coarseness or political subservience.’
    • ‘In his youth he was both mesmerised and embarrassed by the coarseness of the music.’
    • ‘She could not bear a shadow of coarseness.’
    • ‘Sancho, too, despite his coarseness, is endearingly innocent.’
    • ‘There is an increasing coarseness to life.’
    • ‘Sadly, decency has been replaced in great measure by coarseness hence the absence of remorse or contrition.’
    • ‘There is, for instance, a coarseness in the earl, who delights in speaking of his adultery.’
    oafishness, loutishness, boorishness, churlishness, uncouthness, rudeness, ill manners, discourteousness, ungentlemanliness, vulgarity, roughness, crassness
    vulgarity, crudeness, offensiveness, indelicacy, impropriety, indecorousness, unseemliness, crassness, tastelessness, lewdness, prurience
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