Definition of coarse fish in English:

coarse fish


  • Any freshwater fish other than salmon and trout:

    ‘many of the coarse fish are spawning in the vegetation’
    Compare with game fish
    • ‘For coarse fish this means no fishing from the 15th March to the 15th June inclusive of these dates.’
    • ‘For the return of the salmon in most Yorkshire rivers comes at the expense of coarse fish.’
    • ‘In huge areas of the coastal Baltic you can catch traditional coarse fish - perch, roach, bream, carp and, above all, pike.’
    • ‘Because coarse fish are all fairly closely related, its fair to assume that many chemicals cause the stimulation of a number of species, even if it is to differing degrees.’
    • ‘Dace are one of the shorter lived coarse fish.’
    • ‘Apart from their large size, which sets them apart from all other coarse fish, carp are rarely mistaken for any other species of fish in the UK.’
    • ‘As with all coarse fish, grass carp begin feeding upon invertebrates before moving on to a wider diet including soft plants.’
    • ‘Most species of coarse fish can feed on a whole variety of different kinds of food.’
    • ‘Tench are one of the few species of coarse fish which can be sexed accurately at any time of the year.’
    • ‘It has also produced most species of coarse fish with an interesting sprinkling of sea and game species.’
    • ‘There are so many great places to fish for pike and coarse fish in this area, so why not try some of the small lakes and ponds round Newry.’
    • ‘In late spring, when the herring disappear from the shallows, and head off to sea, the pike have to satisfy their appetites with the vast shoals of the resident coarse fish.’
    • ‘Barbel spawn between May and July, although unlike many species of coarse fish they can in exceptional years spawn more than once.’
    • ‘And anglers return coarse fish, unharmed, to the water.’
    • ‘Like so many coarse fish, gudgeon are only naturally found in the South of England, but have been introduced to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.’
    • ‘Eels are amongst the most widespread of all coarse fish.’
    • ‘It is also known that the lake holds a very large population of coarse fish including roach.’
    • ‘Chub are probably the best adapted of our coarse fish for using cover, as any angler will tell you.’
    • ‘I was pleased and thought that my dad had found a lake or river where we could fish for coarse fish.’
    • ‘If your rivers are not fishable then why not turn your attention to fly fishing for some of the coarse fish species, such as pike, carp, perch, chub and barbel.’


coarse fish