Definition of coarse-looking in English:



  • Not elegant or delicate in appearance.

    • ‘There were several coarse-looking fellows in short jackets scattered about the courtyard.’
    • ‘I saw that her mother's bread was heavy and coarse-looking.’
    • ‘A coarse-looking woman was seated before a scanty fire.’
    • ‘She had bought a little cake, and made a few coarse-looking sandwiches.’
    • ‘They were what Claire would call a bit coarse-looking - suave businessmen they were not.’
    • ‘It was a coarse-looking boat, in the form of a scow, and it was held in its place by a cable.’
    • ‘A tall, coarse-looking man was sitting on a chair with dust-covered leather boots crossed on top of the desk.’
    • ‘Finally, he looked up at a painting of a large coarse-looking woman and said, "Here's to you, Bertha."’
    untidy, sloppy, scruffy, messy, dishevelled, slovenly, sluttish, slatternly, tousled, unkempt, frowzy, slipshod, bedraggled, down at heel
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