Definition of coarct in English:



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  • Compress or constrict; press together.

    ‘blood pressure was measured immediately before and after coarcting the aorta’
    • ‘The entire retina was detached and coarcted.’
    • ‘We coarcted the abdominal aorta upstream to the renal arteries.’
    • ‘An Act was made, that no person of what degree soever should after that day alledge for his excuse any constraint or coarcting of his Prince for doing of any unlawful act.’
    • ‘Hypertension was produced in the by surgically coarcting the mid-thoracic aorta.’
    • ‘At the moment of striking exhale sharply the air of about one third of total lung capacity, coarcting the throat and pressing the tongue against the hard palate.’


Late Middle English: from Latin coarctare ‘to press or draw together’.