Definition of coaptation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The adaptation or adjustment of things or people to each other.

    ‘the coaptation of immigrants and native-born citizens’
  • 2Medicine
    The drawing together of the separated tissue in a wound or fracture.

    • ‘External coaptation is not recommended for these injuries, as these areas are not amenable to bandaging.’
    • ‘The patients underwent the new bypass coaptation procedures with complete or partial return of motor and sensory function, which otherwise would be totally nonfunctional.’
    • ‘Sciatic nerve epineural coaptation is performed by the trainee with the instructor assisting.’
    • ‘Generally if a surgical repair is mechanically inadequate, additional coaptation will not improve stability.’
    • ‘Most repairs result in downsizing the effective orifice area in order to increase coaptation with the available cusp area.’


Mid 16th century: from late Latin coaptatio(n-), from the verb coaptare, from co- (from Latin cum ‘with, together’) + aptare (from aptus ‘apt’).