Definition of coal tit in English:

coal tit

(also cole tit)


  • A small Eurasian and North African tit (songbird) with a grey back, black cap and throat, and white cheeks.

    Parus ater, family Paridae

    • ‘The eggs and more commonly the young of blue tits, great tits, coal tits and nuthatches have all become victims.’
    • ‘Birds as diverse as buzzards and coal tits are regularly seen.’
    • ‘The coal tit makes a nifty dash in and out while the dunnock forages underneath with some starlings and a pair of blackbirds.’
    • ‘As we arrived, a bird woman pulled in and distributed delicacies, and the well-trained chaffinches and blue, great and coal tits homed in; all the birds in the wood perhaps, because we did not see any more.’
    • ‘Now I'm quite chuffed about the two coal tits that we've managed to tempt into our garden.’