Definition of coal bunker in English:

coal bunker


  • A place for storing coal.

    • ‘With luck, there'll be a brace of pheasants on the coal bunker by evening, courtesy of my neighbour.’
    • ‘It doesn't seem yesterday - though actually it was 24 years ago - that she was playing in that sunlit garden in St Albans, stepping on snails under the coal bunker because they made such a nice crunchy noise.’
    • ‘The whole hedge was ablaze, and they were running for their lives for the safety of the coal bunker in John's garden.’
    • ‘In their opinion, the most likely cause was spontaneous combustion in a coal bunker immediately adjacent to the ship's magazine.’
    • ‘The area enclosed would most likely have been the ship's coal bunkers.’
    • ‘The debris here is quite complex, but heading towards the keel you can find piles of coal in one of the coal bunkers.’
    • ‘Short Tony appears from behind the coal bunker, looking furtive.’
    • ‘They were on their hands and knees out the back, and looking in the coal bunker and everything.’
    • ‘Sure just look at the lovely kennel I built for him out between the wheelie bin and the coal bunker, what doggie wouldn't be happy living in such luxury’
    • ‘While trying to defend his decision to both himself and others, Frost also attempts to solve the murder of a con artist whose body was found in a coal bunker.’
    • ‘He swayed about a bit, then realised it was me and tried to hide behind the coal bunker.’
    • ‘Large coal bunkers were built on the breakwater at this point.’
    • ‘The stolen art treasure, he revealed, was stored in a damp coal bunker as the thieves desperately sought a buyer.’
    • ‘At the sides of the boiler room, small rectangular hatch surrounds mark the coal chutes for loading the coal bunkers.’
    • ‘Other features include a large yard, coal bunker, bin house and planting area.’
    • ‘A neighbouring coal bunker where Mandela's papers were buried, will be excavated and restored.’
    • ‘Late in the evening, I can see the rats sitting on my coal bunker and running across my wall.’