Definition of coach bolt in English:

coach bolt


  • A large bolt with a round head, used for fixing wooden panels to masonry or to one another.

    • ‘The fixings for each pipe were two stainless steel ear plates and four stainless steel coach bolts.’
    • ‘The original threaded bolt was replaced with a retaining pin made from a long coach bolt with the thread cut off.’
    • ‘The coach bolt has a square collar under the domed head and this locks into the wood when the nut is tightened.’
    • ‘Modern bricks are often quite soft and will almost inevitably split when someone fits a coach bolt near the edge.’
    • ‘Alternatively, drill a hole first and use a coach bolt to fasten the two together.’
    • ‘Once we finished the bottom panels, the top panels were attached with more coach bolts and wing nuts on the outside so as to be removable.’
    • ‘One of the biggest headaches on these repairs is the removal of the coach bolts, in particular those on the uprights which are less severely rusted.’
    • ‘Floor, walls and roof were made from laminated timber elements 625 mm wide and 140 mm thick, which are fixed together with coach bolts and stainless-steel pins.’
    • ‘When I want maximum tension on coach bolts I also press a washer onto the head, this stops the head from pulling into the wood.’
    • ‘The rectangular top frame slots together and the legs bolt on with the cadmium-plated coach bolts provided.’