Definition of co-star in English:



  • A cinema or stage star appearing with another or others of equal importance.

    ‘she had a well-publicized affair with her co-star’
    • ‘The rest of his concern arose over his co-stars who were steeped in method acting for which Gable had little time.’
    • ‘Marilyn Monroe had bought the film rights with a view to inviting Olivier to be her co-star and director.’
    • ‘Tanya, pink satin jacket fitting her petite frame perfectly, threatened her co-star from across the stage.’
    • ‘It's frustrating to watch him carry every scene while his co-stars get given so little.’
    • ‘His facial expressions and ad libs were enough to get his co-stars to break character and audiences to bust a gut.’
    • ‘With much less stage time than her co-stars, she considers the play to be her perfect introduction to theatre.’
    • ‘He turned down the role after discovering that his co-star would be Clark Gable.’
    • ‘Not only has she dated a series of co-stars, fellow actors and directors, she's openly gushed about them in interviews.’
    • ‘Critics, co-stars and superstar friends remained broadly loyal to him during this turbulent period.’
    • ‘He is pretty much an equal co-star in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the third and funniest of the series.’
    • ‘The Behind the Scenes featurette is nothing more than a fellow actor's love letter to their canine co-star.’
    • ‘The contrast between skilful actors and their overwhelmed co-stars hurts the overall experience.’
    • ‘His natural demeanor can seem a tad tepid, but at least he's not trying to be a jittery homespun Hepburn like his famous co-star.’
    • ‘He was backed by one of his co-stars, British actress, Saffron Burrows, who agreed that ‘the eternal question of the futility of war’ was at the heart of Troy.’
    • ‘First, Branagh throws open the stage, refusing to limit himself and his co-stars to the narrow confines of traditional staging, all the while remaining faithful to the spirit of Shakespeare.’
    • ‘Take a moment to quiz the staff and they'll gladly regale you of the occasion when the Lethal Weapon star dragged his co-star Glenn Close along there to sample their sizeable haddock.’
    • ‘There was a particularly touching moment when the floor was opened up to questions and an elderly woman introduced herself as one of Pinsent's first co-stars on stage.’
    • ‘Benigni's film and his co-star, the child actor Giorgio Cantarini, are very much in the tradition of the neo-realist dependence on the reactions of children.’
    • ‘He has by far the most complex character with his co-stars faring rather worse.’
    • ‘It's been recorded that during the course of making this movie you had a bit of fun playing practical jokes on one of your co-stars.’


[no object]
  • 1Appear in a production as a co-star.

    ‘Rickman co-starred with Bruce Willis in the movie’
    • ‘The 62-year-old Golden Globe-winning actor co-stars in Scoop, which opens on Friday.’
    • ‘Fresh from his television fame in Happy Days, he co-starred with John Wayne in the latter's valedictory swan song The Shootist.’
    • ‘Her big break came that same year when she co-starred with Frank Sinatra in The Joker Is Wild.’
    • ‘He co-starred with her in a TV film never completed due to her tragic death.’
    • ‘You co-starred with Shannen Doherty at a young age.’
    • ‘Samuel works all the time: He stars, co-stars and does small parts.’
    • ‘The first time I saw Bill Bailey was when he co-starred with Dylan Moran as his mad bearded neighbour, Manny, on Channel 4's sitcom Black Books.’
    • ‘At 14 he appeared in Joe Dante's Explorers, a tale about an alien-obsessed kid in which he co-starred with River Phoenix.’
    • ‘He co-starred with Russian dancer/actor Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights, a movie that had the two acting and dancing.’
    • ‘But how can that happen to somebody who once co-starred with the likes of Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Gene Autry?’
    • ‘She also co-starred with Danny Kaye in The Five Pennies.’
    • ‘They had gone their separate ways after 102 Dalmatians but met up again, by chance, when she co-starred with actor Matthew Rhys.’
    • ‘And she paid tribute to Cruise, who co-starred with her in Jerry Maguire, the film which shot her to fame.’
    • ‘It was a feather-light romantic comedy in which Brando co-starred with Sophia Loren.’
    • ‘And joining us now here in Los Angeles is Barbara Eden, who co-starred with Tony Randall in ‘The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao’ and ‘The Brass Bottle.’’
    • ‘Emigrating to Europe, she co-starred with Paul Robeson in two Brit films of the 30s and enlivened other Brit films for the next four decades.’
    • ‘Add Eddie Murphy to co-star with Steve Martin and it had to be a done deal.’
    • ‘That scene you just saw was from ‘The Big Valley,’ in which our guest, Linda Evans, co-starred with Barbara Stanwyck, playing the Barkley family's beautiful daughter, Audra.’
    • ‘Suddenly, I remembered that back in 1978, when I was about the same age, the first Clint Eastwood movie I ever saw was Every Which Way But Loose, in which he co-starred with an orangutan.’
    • ‘Cash co-starred with Kirk Douglas in the western ‘A Gunfight ‘and earned good reviews.’’
    1. 1.1with object (of a production) include as a co-star.
      ‘his new TV show co-stars John Schneider’
      • ‘The film co-stars John Alderton and includes a cameo by US talk show host Jay Leno.’
      • ‘The movie co-stars the likes of previous Coen collaborator, Billy Bob Thornton, as a popular soap opera actor, whom Zeta-Jones hires to pose as a husband, and Geoffrey Rush, as the director of the actor's soap opera.’
      • ‘She appeared in several films, including Zouzou, co-starring Jean Gabin.’
      • ‘At the moment, Johansson is heading back to London to continue work on Woody Allen's next movie, an as yet untitled comedy co-starring Hugh Jackman.’
      • ‘He's finishing up the hotly anticipated ‘King Kong’ which is co-starring Naomi Watts and coming out near Christmas.’
      • ‘Dracula, which co-stars Justine Waddell, Jonny Lee Miller and Christopher Plummer, brings Bram Stoker's legend forward to the year 2000.’
      • ‘The play, co-starring Timothy West as a bomb-disposal expert, is written by one ‘Terry Mackay’.’
      • ‘The movie will co-star Johnny Depp as a Scotland Yard detective, his second outing with a magnifying glass after last year's Sleepy Hollow.’
      • ‘The movie co-stars Cuba Gooding Jr, Alec Baldwin, Jon Voight, Dan Aykroyd and model James King.’
      • ‘He seems not to be enjoying that shoot, a mega-budget production co-starring Jim Caviezel and Richard Harris.’
      • ‘I also have a rather good one lined up co-starring the Duke of Kent.’
      • ‘Suddenly you're appearing in an arthouse film, directed by Lynn Ramsay, based on the book by Alan Warner and co-starring the serious-about-her-craft Samantha Morton.’
      • ‘The comedy Olé has just been released in France, and he has also been announced for another Asterix romp, this one co-starring Alain Delon.’
      • ‘He is currently working on Pay It Forward, which also co-stars 1998 Best Actress winner Helen Hunt.’
      • ‘I recall seeing her in a very good gangster film set in the south of France and co-starring Rod Steiger and Edward G. Robinson.’
      • ‘The movie co-stars Emily Watson, Luis Guzman and Philip Seymour Hoffman.’
      • ‘Keeley is about to start filming the new Michael Winterbottom movie, Tristram Shandy, co-starring Steve Coogan.’
      • ‘It co-stars Jamie Sives, Bob Hoskins and Brenda Blethyn.’
      • ‘For the moment he's playing Charlize Theron's father in the forthcoming remake of The Italian Job, co-starring Mark Wahlberg.’
      • ‘She met Percy while she was preparing to tour America with the play Love Letters, co-starring George Hamilton.’