Definition of co-education in English:



mass noun
  • The education of pupils of both sexes together.

    • ‘The schools believe that separating the sexes for lessons between 11 and 16 allows them to combine the benefits of single-sex education in the adolescent years and the social aspects of co-education.’
    • ‘This week marks a new beginning for pupils and teachers alike as a new system of co-education begins in the town's two primary schools.’
    • ‘My favorite objection has to be that putting students in same-sex classes doesn't prepare them to interact in the real world, implying that co-education automatically does.’
    • ‘Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1561, Kingston Grammar School is celebrating 25 years of co-education.’
    • ‘Pupils felt co-education also leads to improved social and personal development.’
    • ‘We feel strongly that the best preparation for the world beyond school and university is through co-education.’
    • ‘He neglects as well the rapid spread of secondary co-education in the 1970s and the backlash against it in some quarters in the last decade.’
    • ‘Although no panacea can be prescribed, co-education and free mingling of both sexes at the primary level would be of great help.’
    • ‘The new school would ‘combine the social benefits of co-education with the academic benefits of single-sex teaching in the formative adolescent years’.’
    • ‘A special report into co-education is planned for release later in the academic year.’
    • ‘It was the only learning institution offering co-education in the district and if measures to save it from collapsing failed, most children would suffer.’
    • ‘The school is now 60/40 split male to female and in September it held a party to celebrate 25 years of co-education.’
    • ‘University co-education had finally arrived for the women of China.’
    • ‘Granted, the effect must depend on local gender practices and gender ideologies, but it is the global imposition of co-education that raises the question in the first place.’
    • ‘But other factors, such as co-education rather than separation of the sexes, could also modify learning styles.’
    • ‘In a move to reassure parents, classes that have already started exam courses will not be affected by the change to co-education.’
    • ‘Educationalists have observed that co-education is a positive influence on the interaction of boys and girls.’
    • ‘Now, the continuing gap in school test scores and exam results between boys and girls is prompting fresh questions about co-education.’
    • ‘Like others, Hall also argues that co-education is the best preparation for a ‘co-educational’ world.’
    • ‘They called for an end to co-education; restrictions on women were imposed; and they publicly burned videos and music CDs that they considered immoral.’