Definition of co-chair in English:



  • A person who chairs a meeting jointly with another or others.

    • ‘As the co-chair noted at the organization's second meeting, the turnout has been ‘unprecedented.’’
    • ‘‘We've actually built some power here,’ says the executive director of the New York activist group and one of the party's three co-chairs.’
    • ‘We also haven't yet been able to get any comment from any of the group's co-chairs.’
    • ‘‘It is significant that the co-chairs decided to go public about their meeting with the president,’ the Asian diplomat said.’
    • ‘The president and CEO of the power company and his wife also served as co-chairs.’
    • ‘The governing board held its inaugural meeting here on Friday to appoint several members as co-chairs.’
    • ‘Questions may be directed to either of our two co-chairs.’
    • ‘One of the big disputes now is whether all the commission members will be able to attend the interview with the president or just the two co-chairs.’
    • ‘One of the campaign's co-chairs said, ‘The warm response clearly indicates a strong feeling within the university against government proposals.’’
    • ‘Currently, the legislative committee consists of a chair and two co-chairs who are supported by state coordinators in each state.’
    • ‘At the top of our honor roll were our two co-chairs who earned extra credit for a class act.’
    • ‘The executive, now a co-chair of the board of directors, says the organization strives to ‘bring artistry into everyday acts of resistance.’’
    • ‘The co-chair said that the meeting would recommend concrete practical steps ‘to make the region more secure against illegal migration.’’
    • ‘She's one of the co-chairs of the campaign and frankly, one of the questions I have is, aren't they competing with their own story?’
    • ‘The council of ministers consists of two co-chairs, one deputy, and three ministers.’
    • ‘The luncheon co-chairs raised more than $120,000 for sarcoma research, much to the pleasure of the president of the foundation.’
    • ‘It includes personal messages from the president and campaign co-chairs, a newsletter with fundraising highlights, and offers multiple giving options.’
    • ‘He is the co-chair of the business of baseball committee, and the editor of the baseball website.’
    • ‘The continuing agenda of the summit has been left in the hands of the four co-chairs appointed by the mayor.’
    • ‘It's worth noting that one of the co-chairs of the commission is the nation's leading gambling lobbyist.’


[with object]
  • Act as co-chair of (a meeting)

    ‘the panel is co-chaired by the prime ministers of Mozambique, Norway, and Pakistan’
    • ‘He co-chaired the U.S. commission on national security and he co-chaired the commission that forecast 9 / 11.’
    • ‘He co-chaired a donor conference with the US Deputy Secretary of State that pledged $4.5 billion in reconstruction aid to the country.’
    • ‘The mayor co-chaired the summit called by police to discuss the situation.’
    • ‘In November, he and wife Janet are co-chairing the St. Joseph Foundation Gala.’
    • ‘Last year he chaired or co-chaired three committees.’
    • ‘In 1993, she co-chaired a conference with the professor on feminist issues in psychology.’
    • ‘The Globalization Commission was co-chaired by the Tanzanian president along with the president of Finland.’
    • ‘Other nuclear energy supporters include scientists such as the former head of the Met Office, who co-chaired the intergovernmental panel on climate change.’
    • ‘Representatives of the parties co-chairing the conference will hold a news conference at which they are expected to announce the total pledged.’
    • ‘Just yesterday I co-chaired the inaugural meeting of the food and beverage taskforce, which covers the most significant sector in our economy.’
    • ‘That one was co-chaired by two former senators.’
    • ‘He co-chaired the June press conference publicizing these issues, and has spoken at many universities and conferences.’
    • ‘I even co-chaired the statewide campaign for one of California's more important popular initiatives back in 1996.’
    • ‘Just last month, he co-chaired a meeting on the topic at the Kennedy Space Center.’
    • ‘The actor and his wife are co-chairing the event.’
    • ‘The summit will be held in Mexico and co-chaired by Ireland as the EU president.’
    • ‘She worked as his campaign manager in 1999, and co-chaired his 2003 re-election campaign.’
    • ‘He co-chaired the three-day colloquium on ‘Conservation and cultural tourism’, organised by the British Library.’
    • ‘This working group will be co-chaired by Australia and Barbados.’
    • ‘A representative of student government who co-chaired the meeting described the positive aspects of organising it as the chance to ‘incorporate a variety of views’.’