Definition of co-branded in English:



  • (of a product or service) marketed under or carrying two or more brand names.

    ‘co-branded credit cards’
    • ‘There is an incredible array of co-branded products in the dairy case for kids and teens alike.’
    • ‘Company executives said they would focus on sales in emerging markets and on co-branded operator deals.’
    • ‘Unlike other service providers, this co-branded service has no contract restriction.’
    • ‘Part of the TV channel's success stems from its male-driven, World War II image, an image that could change if women start buying co-branded products like furniture.’
    • ‘The film manufacturer plans to release the first co-branded product in the spring of 2005.’
    • ‘For growth, he concluded a key deal in October with the computer manufacturer to sell co-branded products.’
    • ‘The national bank is coming out with its credit card as a co-branded product with a foreign bank.’
    • ‘‘We expect to issue our co-branded local currency card in 2003,’ the chairman said.’
    • ‘The telecom company will offer a co-branded service, making it the first phone company to combine local and long distance with cellular, Internet, and video under one bill.’
    • ‘In addition, the co-branded products have gained great acceptance with our consumers and have continued to surpass our expectations.’
    • ‘It's also the company's first co-branded product.’
    • ‘The co-branded service is described as the initial offering, so there's clearly more brewing from that long term relationship.’
    • ‘The companies’ new co-branded auction service will be accessed via a jump-page off at the Internet portal.’
    • ‘The toy retailer and does all inventory management, merchandising, purchasing, and marketing on the co-branded site.’
    • ‘In addition to co-branded products, ice cream manufacturers are teaming up with one another.’
    • ‘The co-branded card would carry a host of exclusive privileges and offers on products from time to time.’
    • ‘But all the benefits to be obtained by either party depend on the issue of the co-branded credit card.’
    • ‘In the case of co-branded products, other product logos, images or even cartoon characters are commonly featured prominently on the face of the package.’
    • ‘Officials expect to launch a co-branded broadband service in the telecom's 13-state region.’
    • ‘As co-branded product development continues in this category, the trend of adding other brand names and logos to containers also remains.’