Definition of co-belligerent in English:



  • Any of two or more nations engaged in war as allies.

    • ‘My co-belligerents have thoughts on this post by her.’
    • ‘He had consulted no one over the Fourteen Points - certainly not the co-belligerents he still did not regard as ‘allies’.’
    • ‘I respect the religious group, work with them, and consider them co-belligerents in many causes.’
    • ‘What he had done was to strip the false flag of neutrality from Big Media and expose it as a co-belligerent in the political wars.’
    • ‘It is clear that there is little trust between him and his co-belligerents.’
    • ‘Even after October 1943, when allowing Allied air bases in the Azores made it a co-belligerent, Portugal maintained an outward veneer of neutrality.’
    • ‘It soon became embroiled in a controversy, one which ironically made co-belligerents, if not allies, of the divided parents.’