Definition of clustered in English:



  • 1Growing or situated in a group.

    ‘the spires and clustered roofs of the old town’
    • ‘Some extended families may live in fenced compounds or clustered housing arrangements that house multiple family units.’
    • ‘A distributed, clustered storage architecture changes the way storage is deployed and managed across the enterprise.’
    • ‘The researchers consider that the clustered, non-random nature of the ill health in the region suggests an external cause.’
    • ‘In some cases, structured, paneled cubicles are giving way to clustered workstations separated by screen or canvas partitions that can be slid aside to facilitate teamwork.’
    • ‘Testing applications in clustered environments can quickly multiply capacity requirements and delay development schedules.’
    • ‘The clustered environment must maintain the consistency and integrity of the file system itself.’
    • ‘Can you afford to replicate a clustered production environment for development and testing environments?’
    • ‘Investment capital is channelled through traditional networks of property developers rather than into the high-growth, clustered technology industries that can create genuine wealth.’
    • ‘He said the new language will help software developers exploit both parallel programming techniques and the locality of data in a large clustered system.’
    • ‘The study used a clustered sampling design for the questionnaire sample, selecting truck yards rather than randomly selecting commercial vehicle drivers.’
    • ‘Synchronous hardware (coupled with a clustered front end) can provide zero data loss and less than minutes of downtime - but at a significant cost.’
    • ‘In addition, data and applications often span across distributed or clustered servers and storage.’
    • ‘Modern methods of mechanical harvesting have attracted attention to the conveniently clustered arrangement of fruit on the boughs of certain clones.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later, the great kasbah appeared, set in a patchwork of irrigated fields and surrounded by the clustered houses of the village.’
    • ‘The priests quickly gathered into a tight clustered circle, all of them chanting in unison.’
    • ‘This area of South Kilkenny is noted for the number of clustered farm villages and the number of thatched roofs which still predominate.’
    • ‘Hierarchical regression models are particularly useful in modelling observations with a hierarchical or clustered structure, such as patients in different hospitals or pupils in different schools.’
    • ‘While large cities have always been busy, crowded places, New York was more so because of all the thousands of people who worked in the clustered skyscraper buildings.’
    aggregate, agglomerate, amassed, gathered, combined
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    1. 1.1Architecture (of pillars, columns, or shafts) positioned close together, or arranged round or half-detached from a pier.
      ‘slender, lofty piers are encircled with clustered column shafts’
      • ‘Recessed balconies give depth to the clustered stone towers, and there are gardens on each stepped roof.’
      • ‘From the door, the windows themselves were almost entirely obscured by the clustered pillars.’
      • ‘The white stucco ceiling undulates up to a peak of 22 ft; the walls fan out, and their pale ash panelling is overlaid by ribs of clustered birch rods.’