Definition of cluster pine in English:

cluster pine


  • another term for maritime pine
    • ‘The plant cover begins with peanut pines at the shore, moving on to cluster pines and black pines at higher altitudes, then cedars at 1000m.’
    • ‘Lilies and sea poppies flower on the beach while junipers cover the outer dunes and holm-oaks, cluster pines and umbrella pines predominate in the scrub.’
    • ‘Oak trees abound, as do cluster pines with their large cones and light brown-coloured shoots, which resemble candles on a Christmas tree.’
    • ‘It is also a marvellous place to carry out all sorts of activities, with its characteristic red sandy stone that blends into cluster pine trees where places of an unsurpassable beauty can be found.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean pines share those lands that nature and men have reserved for them: near the sea the Aleppo pine, in the inner areas the cluster pine, and close to the inhabited centers the stone pine.’