Definition of cluster fly in English:

cluster fly


  • A fly which enters buildings in large numbers while looking for a place to overwinter.

    Pollenia rudis (family Calliphoridae), and the smaller Thaumatomyia notata (family Chloropidae)

    • ‘Face flies and two or three species of cluster flies are often found in large clusters in the same overwintering site.’
    • ‘If cluster flies can be denied access to a building, they will not be a nuisance or require control.’
    • ‘Of course, spring is a good time to find earthworms, so the cluster fly is active during this season.’
    • ‘The use of a vacuum cleaner is a quick and effective means of reducing a cluster fly population in the home.’
    • ‘An adult cluster fly is 8 mm long and its dark grey non-metallic body is covered with short golden hairs.’
    • ‘Bluebottles and cluster flies are disgusting little creatures, feeding off rotting food and excrement.’