Definition of clucky in English:



NZ, Australian
  • 1(of a hen) sitting or ready to sit on eggs.

    expecting a baby, having a baby, with a baby on the way, having a child, expectant, carrying a child
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    1. 1.1 (of a woman) broody.
      ‘Mum's gone clucky’
      • ‘A warning to the ladies: Reading her blog will make you extremely clucky.’
      • ‘And every time she sees children she gets clucky.’
      • ‘Maybe the inevitable conversations about nappy rash and gripe water, far from making me clucky, will make me want to run out and have my tongue pierced and drink cider in the park.’
      • ‘Actually, I think if I'm honest with myself I know this will be my last baby and that's why I'm feeling clucky.’
      • ‘He just smiled and said, ‘Mummy's clucky, isn't she, sweetie.’’
      • ‘I've been getting ridiculously clucky lately.’
      • ‘He has now broken out of this first stage that seems to appeal exclusively to clucky women and mothers, and entered the much more interesting stage that appeals to dads.’