Definition of clubrush in English:



  • A tall rushlike water plant of the sedge family.

    Scirpus and related genera, family Cyperaceae, in particular the common S. or 'Schoenoplectus' lacustris, used for weaving

    Also called bulrush
    • ‘Some aquatic plants had been planted - mostly native sedges and clubrushes.’
    • ‘Tufted clubrush is typically the dominant species.’
    • ‘However the increased resistance within the lake clubrush reduced the overall flow of oxygen whilst the tall spikerush had low resistance allowing higher flow of oxygen and therefore increased survival potential.’
    • ‘A close relative grows at the northern end of the pond, the grey clubrush, but in this case the plant has no leaves and grows with its spiky blue-green stems.’
    • ‘This has proved true in the case of clubrush clearance in the ponds below the wildlife centre - now only a small reflective area survives in front of the man-made sand martin nesting site.’