Definition of clubmate in English:



  • A fellow member of a sports club.

    • ‘The former rugby league clubmates are on the coaching staff of the English and Italian rugby union teams.’
    • ‘He is remembered fondly by clubmates in Italy.’
    • ‘A mother is trying to find new premises for her boxing sons and their clubmates after a falling tree destroyed the club house.’
    • ‘Along with two clubmates, she will join over 1,000 other talented sporting youngsters from all over the region for the event.’
    • ‘To finish, the display team danced to loud music with the audience cheering when some gymnasts stood on clubmates shoulders.’
    • ‘All the time he is speaking, he is casting envious glances in the direction of the water, where his clubmates are making a splash.’
    • ‘Youngest in the line-up is her clubmate and England Under-13 champion, who celebrates her 13th birthday on Tuesday.’
    • ‘He now joins fellow clubmates, Gary and Paddy, in the squad.’
    • ‘His Chelsea clubmate was in line for his second World Cup appearance, but injured himself in the pre-match warm-up.’
    • ‘One of his clubmates and fellow players on the hurling field paid a very moving tribute to him at the graveside.’
    • ‘At the competition last weekend I played my former clubmate who was the Champion of the Chess Club when I first joined, some 28 years ago!’
    • ‘She had to overcome stiff opposition on her way to the final, including having to play one of her clubmates.’
    • ‘And whether he will follow his clubmate Ross to college in America will depend on his exam results.’
    • ‘That is not a setback to us because we know he will be training with his clubmates,’ he said.’
    • ‘Rejoicing in the success of their clubmates and friends seems to be a feature of the club members here.’
    • ‘Yet, by his own admission, the fallibilities which denied him the chance to follow one-time clubmates into the higher echelons now provide the spur to his making a mark on the game.’
    • ‘She then joined up with two clubmates to take gold in the team pattern event.’
    • ‘If not, she's off to Spain with her clubmates to take part in the Benidorm half marathon.’
    • ‘Along with three other Kendal clubmates, he took part in the Championships at the purpose-built indoor track in Manchester.’
    • ‘His clubmate, Adam, was one of only three winners in that side.’