Definition of clownfish in English:



  • A small tropical marine fish with bold vertical stripes or other bright coloration. It lives in close association with anemones and is protected from their stings by mucus.

    Genera Amphiprion and Premnas, family Pomacentridae: several species

    Also called anemone fish
    • ‘Among the damaged coral we saw free-swimming moray eels, octopuses, and several anemones with their resident clownfish.’
    • ‘The mystery behind the clownfish and sea anemone relationship is how the clownfish avoids being stung and killed by its host anemone.’
    • ‘In that way the clownfish gets protection and attracts prey for the anemone, an example of symbiosis, or co-operation between different animals.’
    • ‘So, the protection of the anemone afforded by the clownfish is part of the mutual relationship.’
    • ‘When a tomato clownfish brings food back to an anemone, the anemone is rewarded with crumbs from the meal.’