Definition of clough in English:



Northern English
  • A steep valley or ravine.

    • ‘We got caught in it anyway being too high up when it drifted towards us - dense pouring cloud - filling in every clough and gulley between us and the hills over the valley.’
    • ‘These trees were located along the streams and clough sides, where they retained water and prevented soil erosion.’
    • ‘Woodlands Mill, which is situated in a wooded clough, was built at the peak of manufacturing activity in the area.’
    • ‘In summer time, on long, warm evenings, we would engage in the building of various types of bridges over the stream that runs down the clough.’
    • ‘This scheme would see the creation of a flood bank and clough as well as the installation of a permanent pump which would offer protection to all but two of the 11 properties seriously affected by flooding in 2000.’
    gorge, abyss, canyon, ravine, gully, gulf, pass, defile, couloir, crevasse, cleft, rift, rent
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Old English clōh (recorded in place names), of Germanic origin; related to German dialect Klinge.