Definition of cloudy in English:



  • 1(of the sky or weather) covered with or characterized by clouds.

    ‘a very grey, cloudy day’
    • ‘A cloudy sky makes it exceptionally dark out this morning.’
    • ‘In the slightly cloudy weather, students swarm around parade floats, helping put on finishing touches before our high school takes off on its annual homecoming parade.’
    • ‘I stared up at the dark cloudy skies trying to find the moon.’
    • ‘The September rain beat down on the roof incessantly, and the grey, cloudy skies made the whole situation depressing.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the cloudy sky and cool weather in the open ground of the school, where the event was held, added to its serenity.’
    • ‘His landscapes are equally melancholy, often painted under grey cloudy skies.’
    • ‘The Meteorological Department has forecast partly cloudy sky with one or two spells of rain.’
    • ‘Cold and cloudy weather is forecast for the week ahead.’
    • ‘By contrast, the extreme north, badly affected by snow last week, may escape with dry, cloudy weather.’
    • ‘Further, the weather there is often foggy and skies are cloudy.’
    • ‘The skies were cloudy but that didn't matter I was going to see the sea…’
    • ‘We sat on the riverbank and worked on our raft, occasionally getting splattered with rain from a half-hearted cloudy sky.’
    • ‘The weather forecast for Delhi and neighbouring areas foretells generally cloudy skies with rain and thunder showers and heavy showers in some areas.’
    • ‘Depending on the mood and intention of the photographer, a cloudy sky can be printed dark and moody or light and airy.’
    • ‘The sky was cloudy and dull, but the forecast was not for rain.’
    • ‘The canal was misty, and the sky was cloudy, making it very dark.’
    • ‘Since then we've had cloudy weather with brief showers every evening, making it virtually impossible to get first cutting hay out of the field.’
    • ‘They flew through the cloudy sky toward the much more populated part of the country.’
    • ‘A cloudy sky or an occasional shower can make the task of small farmers without drying and storage facilities a nightmarish experience.’
    • ‘Weather conditions were helpful, with some low temperatures and cloudy skies.’
    overcast, clouded, clouded over, overclouded
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  • 2(of a liquid) not transparent or clear.

    ‘the pond water is slightly cloudy’
    • ‘Next, she dug through her father's cabinets until she found a glass bottle filled with a slightly cloudy transparent fluid.’
    • ‘They could eat roast beef, drink warm cloudy beer, recite Shakespearian love sonnets, and perhaps even do a bit of morris dancing.’
    • ‘The beer was cloudy and warm, but it was serving its purpose, and already it had taken the edge off his thirst.’
    • ‘She sipped a little of the cloudy liquid, grimacing at the flavor.’
    • ‘The cloudy liquid is actually the spores of a fungus.’
    • ‘At this point, the cloudy liquid becomes clear and less viscous, and now resembles other liquids.’
    • ‘She thrust her brush into one of the glasses of cloudy water.’
    • ‘If the water is cloudy after 30 minutes, repeat the procedure.’
    • ‘Scientists had noted that during a sting, scorpions expel a clear liquid followed by a cloudy one.’
    • ‘On the table in front of them is a skull in a jar of cloudy liquid.’
    • ‘A cloudy, Belgian wheat beer that includes coriander and curaçao, it is incredibly refreshing.’
    • ‘If the water is too cloudy to see the label on the far side of a clear bottle, it needs to be filtered first.’
    • ‘For one thing, the once clear water was now cloudy and a murky purple shade.’
    • ‘This Dutch cloudy wheat beer sings of quality: balanced, refreshing and topped off with flavours of cloves.’
    • ‘I stared gloomily down at the gray lumps floating in the watery, cloudy liquid.’
    • ‘He held a test-tube between me and the light, and I noted the cloudy or muddy liquid it contained.’
    • ‘In it was some cloudy water he'd taken from a stream for his high school biology class.’
    • ‘Forcing herself to open her eyes, through the cloudy water she could see the surface, a pleasant sapphire glow, growing farther and farther away.’
    • ‘Then strain the cloudy water from the rice - this removes most of the starch.’
    • ‘Impetigo caused by staph bacteria is characterized by large blisters containing fluid that is first clear, then cloudy.’
    murky, muddy, milky, dirty, clouded, dull, opaque, non-transparent, emulsified, opalescent, turbid
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    1. 2.1 (of a colour) having white as a constituent.
      ‘cloudy reds and blues and greens’
      • ‘The apples from China, with whitish yellow pulp and a cloudy red and striped appearance, are the latest to hit the city.’
      • ‘Mixing the two causes a violent chemical reaction, producing a cloudy tan potion which gives the user the power of summoning lightning.’
      • ‘He turned around and two cloudy purple eyes pierced through her.’
      • ‘Inside he saw another one of his friends, a tall scraggly girl with cloudy blue eyes.’
      • ‘The water is an eerie, cloudy blue, and as hot as bath water.’
      • ‘Across the map, forty-nine red dots stood out against cloudy blue.’
      • ‘They had finally reached an old door, behind boxes full of merchandise, which was a light blue with a hint of white, an almost cloudy color.’
      • ‘It was a polished cloudy blue stone on a woven hair thong around his neck that he never removed.’
      • ‘From under a thick, tangled fall of white hair, cloudy blue eyes peered out.’
      • ‘Her eyes were that cloudy kind of gray that was blue in some lights.’
      • ‘But there was a teardrop shaped stone the size of a pebble, colored the cloudy blue of a stormy sea.’
      • ‘Of course, a very large proportion of this rubbish consists of his cloudy blue bottles, giving it an unnecessary bulk.’
      • ‘His eyes, she noted, were a cloudy blue and there were circles beneath them.’
      • ‘It was a round globe about the size of an orange, a perfect sphere, of a cloudy red colour.’
    2. 2.2 (of a person's eyes) misted with tears.
      ‘she stared at him, her eyes cloudy’
      • ‘Anlë let his cloudy green-gold eyes rest on the three, then spoke.’
      • ‘I couldn't tell who it was; my eyes were far too cloudy.’
      • ‘She leaned over the banister, watching the entire ordeal with cloudy eyes.’
      • ‘She felt her vision grow cloudy again as tears built up, her eyes beginning to sparkle.’
      • ‘Melissa felt her vision getting cloudy as tears began to well in her eyes.’
      • ‘Adrienne looked up at him, eyes cloudy with tears.’
      • ‘He pressed Pause, and sat there, his eyes getting cloudy.’
      • ‘She blinked her cloudy eyes, a hand drifting downwards towards her abdomen where her body still tingled.’
      • ‘‘You guys’ she began, her eyes becoming cloudy with tears.’
      • ‘All she saw was him, tears shining in his cloudy blue eyes.’
      • ‘His eyes were cloudy, tears on the verge of falling down his aged face.’
      • ‘Lee caught sight of a tear escaping from his cloudy eyes and leaving a glistening trail down his pale cheeks.’
      tearful, teary, weepy, weeping, lachrymose
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    3. 2.3 Uncertain; unclear.
      ‘the issue becomes more cloudy’
      • ‘Shame lingers rather longer, mainly as your mother can be left behind at home when you head back up to Dublin, but the vague cloudy memories of your behavior, sadly, cannot.’
      • ‘I was about 8 years old when we did this, so my memory is a bit cloudy… however, I'm sure he brought happiness to a lot of people.’
      • ‘At last recollection, he had a fiancée, but her name resides in the cloudy memory.’
      • ‘It had been so long since she had danced that her memory of it was cloudy, but her body hadn't forgotten.’
      • ‘Off and on through this time, odd figures passed before his bed, and he saw them with the same cloudy uncertainty as before.’
      vague, blurred, fuzzy, indistinct, imprecise, foggy, hazy, confused, muddled, indefinite, lacking definition, nebulous, obscure, unformed
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