Definition of clothes hoist in English:

clothes hoist


NZ, Australian
  • A rotary clothes drier in the form of an adjustable frame turning about a central pole and supporting lengths of clothes line.

    ‘Ruth pegged the washing on to the clothes hoist in the back garden’
    • ‘We would be the first family in southern Italy to erect an Australian clothes hoist on their property.’
    • ‘The animal bucked under the clothes hoist and lifted the hoist and the week's washing right off the pole.’
    • ‘The patent dates from 1946, the last of many rotary clothes hoists developed in Australia over the preceding three decades.’
    • ‘He climbed the clothes hoist before he was two, and then it was on to every tree in the district.’
    • ‘My feet skidded and I slammed into the metal post of the clothes hoist.’
    • ‘Fortunate families inhabited suburban houses surrounded by fenced gardens with rotary clothes hoists and garages.’
    • ‘He was restrained by a length of rope tied to the clothes hoist.’
    • ‘It was his all-metal clothes hoist with an enclosed wheel-and-pinion winding mechanism that formed the basis for other designs.’
    • ‘The first clothes hoist was actually patented by Melbourne resident Gilbert Toyne in 1911.’
    • ‘The Australian brand has long been famous for the clothes hoist.’