Definition of clotbur in English:



  • 1A herbaceous plant of the daisy family with burred fruits, native to tropical America but now found all over the world.

    Genus Xanthium, family Compositae: two or three species

    • ‘Beach clotbur has rough, sandpapery, triangular leaves and sharp burry fruits.’
    • ‘Spiny clotbur has upright growth habit, long shiny dark green leaves, cactuslike spines and seeds like cocklebur (which it is related to).’
    • ‘A green stripe of broad clotbur (Xanthium strumarium, or lachid hanehalim in Hebrew), a plant that grows in habitats in which there are seasonal water pools, attested that the leaks are a routine matter here.’
    1. 1.1North American A burdock.


Mid 16th century: from dialect clote ‘burdock’ + burr.