Definition of clostridial in English:



  • See clostridium

    • ‘These dietary conditions lead to rapid multiplication of the clostridial bacteria in the gut of the sheep.’
    • ‘Any vaccine used should protect animals against the range of clostridial diseases and not Blackleg alone,’ she said.’
    • ‘And they all died from the same infection - a fulminant clostridial infection.’
    • ‘All heifers received routine health management, which included deworming and vaccination for clostridial and respiratory diseases.’
    • ‘Calves were vaccinated against clostridial bacteria at approximately 60 days of age.’
    • ‘As stated earlier, clostridial organisms producing neurotoxins A, B, and E account for nearly all known human botulism on a worldwide basis; this is certainly also true in the United States.’