Definition of closing time in English:

closing time


  • The regular time at which a pub, shop, or other place closes to the public each day.

    ‘they sat in a corner of the lounge bar until closing time’
    • ‘But, privately, ministers are known to be ‘extremely concerned’ that scrapping traditional closing times might actually encourage binge drinking and alcohol-fuelled disorder.’
    • ‘Instead of agreeing to make them close at 10.30 pm, as initially suggested, they approved closing times of midnight in summer and 11 pm in winter.’
    • ‘The club was open six days a week from lunch time until closing time and members could relax, play snooker or dominoes and have a drink.’
    • ‘We recommend that parents should be informed in writing of a school's opening and closing times.’
    • ‘I am puzzled by all those who think that a closing time of midnight will spoil the tourist trade in Thailand.’
    • ‘The people complaining about the early closing time only see the bars and foreign restaurants.’
    • ‘He is also seeking earlier closing times for night clubs.’
    • ‘Schools state their own opening and closing times but we will work with them and support any actions they take that they believe are necessary to keep pupils apart.’
    • ‘Ask schools to stagger their opening and closing times.’
    • ‘The government has announced that there are to be no opening or closing times for pubs.’
    • ‘Although closing times will be staggered to avoid drinkers spilling on to the streets at the same time, doctors at the Health Protection Agency say the laws will simply end in more work for them.’
    • ‘The council will normally expect a closing time of no later than midnight for pubs in residential areas.’
    • ‘He could not recall the proposed closing time for the new outlet but thought it was around midnight.’
    • ‘The much-loved gardens have been closed in line with library and coffee shop closing times to limit the access vandals have to the grounds.’


closing time