Definition of closeted in English:



  • Keeping something secret, especially the fact of being homosexual.

    ‘she remained closeted because of her homophobic community’
    • ‘His short, powerful speech told the assembled psychiatrists what it was like to be a closeted gay doctor in a field that still classified him as mentally ill.’
    • ‘If we're really lucky, perhaps other closeted bisexual celebrities will follow her example and come out as well.’
    • ‘For the closeted gay men and lesbians serving in the military, it must evoke complete terror.’
    • ‘After gay marriage is allowed, closeted homosexuals will be less likely to enter unhappy and unstable marriages with partners of the opposite sex.’
    • ‘Both closeted and out gay men and lesbians agree that tolerance for individuals doesn't always extend to public issues.’
    • ‘Elizabeth's secret is that she is a closeted lesbian.’
    • ‘He says many closeted workers are pleasantly surprised when they reveal their orientation to colleagues.’
    • ‘I just finished writing a graphic memoir about my closeted gay dad and what it was like growing up with him.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's that they're so closeted and fearful of being gay themselves that they can do nothing but bash other gay people.’
    • ‘And has he had any success in nudging other closeted celebrities out of the closet?’
    • ‘It promotes a positive message to closeted gays and skeptical heterosexuals to counter and neutralize the negative messages promoted by anti-gay elements.’
    • ‘The magazine ignites a national debate about the merits of outing closeted gay public figures.’
    • ‘It can help provide a sense of pride for young and closeted gays and offer models of courage, creativity and achievement for young gays to emulate.’
    • ‘Human-resources officers say closeted workers spend too much time hiding the fact that they're gay or lesbian to co-workers and bosses.’
    • ‘They tend to go after closeted actors with the kind of blood relish not even a hound feels toward a fox.’