Definition of closely in English:



  • 1With little or no space or time in between.

    ‘closely spaced homes’
    ‘the medical sergeant follows closely behind the squad’
    • ‘He seated himself demurely with his legs drawn closely to one side, posing for the cameras as though for a fashion shoot.’
    • ‘In closely spaced weaving, the pattern of intersections becomes visually subservient to the plane.’
    • ‘Most of the work dances were so small scale in emphasis, that I wished the audience were gathered closely around the performance area.’
    • ‘I alighted here, followed closely by Grandpa and Lizzie on their onion quest.’
    • ‘Scanning the cafeteria, she found Charlotte and a few of the nurses huddled closely together around one of the tables.’
    • ‘At Cologne, 14 closely scheduled arrivals and departures jockeyed for track space.’
    • ‘We took our time, walking closely with one another to keep warm.’
    • ‘After that mess of a movie, followed closely by further filmed nonsense about the Revolution, Hollywood is gearing up to release another re-edit of history.’
    • ‘I refuse to walk closely behind another person because I don't want them to clutch their handbag or to pull their coat closer.’
    • ‘Most columns were closely spaced around one or more closed peripheries, and beams were made proportionately deeper.’
    1. 1.1 In a narrowly enclosed way.
      ‘pens of closely confined fish’
      • ‘Entire generations of clans closely entombed in a blazing white slab, are meticulously maintained by the families of the deceased.’
      • ‘The terrain is an open grassy area encircled closely by trees.’
      • ‘He was jealous, and held her closely caged.’
      • ‘The practice is first deemed illegal, then allowed in closely circumscribed places and times.’
      • ‘It looked grand in pictures, but what I found was a sorry structure closely enclosed by more modern structures.’
      • ‘They were too closely imprisoned by the white winter and the endless dark.’
      • ‘The path is closely boxed in by poison oak.’
      • ‘Even when he delivers a pass, it seems he's always being jostled about or too closely surrounded by enemy pass rushers.’
      • ‘The remainder of the British troops continue closely pent up in New York and Philadelphia, and in a suffering condition for provisions.’
      • ‘If you're cooped up closely with people during the winter months, this unique formula is for you!’
    2. 1.2 In a way that involves only a small margin between the winner and loser.
      ‘a closely fought contest’
      • ‘The election last week was closely won, but there are some real issues for us to look at.’
      • ‘The semifinals saw huge excitement with closely matched teams playing out tough matches.’
      • ‘In a tense, closely fought encounter, the boxers were level going into the last round.’
      • ‘The Democratic challenger conceded the closely battled election Wednesday.’
      • ‘With the controversial outcome of the closely victorious election, his party gained control of the presidency.’
      • ‘The first quarter of the game was very closely played, with both sides getting plenty of chances.’
      • ‘A demoralized and disheartened team could have been expected with this very closely conceded match.’
      • ‘Both squads walked away from the closely waged matchup.’
      • ‘Anti-bilingual education initiatives have passed easily in three states, while one was closely defeated here.’
      • ‘This was some of the most closely competed women's squash I have ever seen in the United States.’
  • 2In a way that involves a strong resemblance or connection.

    ‘the students had to answer questions closely related to what they just learned’
    ‘the real-world injuries closely mirrored the university's experimental data’
    • ‘Market values reflect more closely the economic circumstances of the day and will bring company valuations more closely in line with prevailing market conditions.’
    • ‘Those that closely mimic printed books have problems because they are not easy to read on-screen.’
    • ‘The rule appears consistently in treatises on patent law, where it is closely linked to the requirement that patentable processes must result in a physical transformation.’
    • ‘Most of us wind up with beliefs that closely resemble those of our parents and community.’
    • ‘The pattern of wheat streak mosaic closely fit the pattern of hail in 1999.’
    • ‘Postgraduate archaeology students can become members, if they are working on closely relevant subjects.’
    • ‘The digital object represents something intellectually closely akin to a printed book.’
    • ‘This relates closely to the subsequent discussion of the benefits and costs of political conformity.’
    • ‘Weed removal in a new alfalfa seeding was closely associated with alfalfa yield.’
    • ‘Child labor has been closely connected to the lives and options of middle-class and upper-class children.’
    1. 2.1 In a collective or unified way.
      ‘we will be working closely with stakeholders’
      ‘the two companies collaborate closely’
      • ‘I believe he can be rehabilitated, and I would be willing to work closely with others in making this possible.’
      • ‘Although they function closely together, language proficiency and academic achievement are two distinct constructs and should be measured separately.’
      • ‘There is a perception that the bureau has been acting closely with the police every step of the way.’
      • ‘Working closely with school officials, they had already decided to try for an industrial, high-tech look.’
      • ‘Eisenhower had long favored a more closely unified defense establishment.’
      • ‘Colleagues vie with each other for preferment, yet must closely collaborate to fend off competition from without.’
      • ‘We worked closely together for two years, arguing nearly every day about the products we ended up creating together.’
      • ‘A formal merger has taken place between two agencies that have closely cooperated on projects over the past three years.’
      • ‘On the front line of the expanding frontier is an elite of extremely powerful families, closely allied with local politicians.’
      • ‘Soon they will be still more closely united by a common submission to the committee.’
    2. 2.2 Very affectionately or intimately.
      ‘he has bonded very closely with his Miami family’
      ‘both children are clearly very closely attached to their parents’
      • ‘He became closely enamored with the area and after a while was sufficiently charmed with the winery.’
      • ‘He was closely united with her family, and had the trust of her brother.’
      • ‘His relations with Picasso remained essentially political, unlike the closely personal friendship with Matisse.’
      • ‘When love flows through me, whether it is in a closely intimate relationship or in something more distant, I am happy.’
      • ‘They place high value on social and family life, so they are likely to remain closely connected to their loved ones during hospitalization.’
      • ‘She was always said to be closely attached to her father.’
      • ‘It made a break between the three hitherto closely united sisters.’
      • ‘She was closely devoted to her family.’
      • ‘They have three very closely doting parents.’
      • ‘She looked for a guy who isn't closely connected to his family.’
  • 3In a careful and attentive way.

    ‘patients have to be watched closely for side effects’
    • ‘A lot can go wrong with a building that's empty and not closely looked after, especially within the stagnant water of an air-conditioning tower.’
    • ‘Close family members or personal contacts should be closely observed for any signs of infection.’
    • ‘After closely looking at the exhibits, I came to the conclusion that the presence of feathers on pterosaurs is very much a matter of speculation.’
    • ‘The orchestra is governed by the musicians themselves, most of whom remain with the Philharmonic for a lifetime, closely protecting its artistic integrity.’
    • ‘We are finding that the closely tended garden of hadrons is abloom with exotic new growths.’
    • ‘He closely oversees everything the company does.’
    • ‘The opportunities described appear incomparably greater than those garnered by even the most closely nurtured venture-capital portfolio company.’
    • ‘There she worked closely ministering to women and children.’
    • ‘Management of alcohol withdrawal in elderly persons should be closely supervised by a healthcare professional.’
    • ‘If you have diabetes, you should aim to closely control your blood sugar levels.’
    1. 3.1 In a cautious or secretive way.
      ‘a closely guarded plan’
      • ‘The steamy details were kept closely in check, known only by a few fortunate souls "in the loop."’
      • ‘His family is closely shielding specifics about his condition.’
      • ‘He was subsequently closely supervised by the French authorities.’
      • ‘Occasionally, he said things that revealed he had been closely observing me in silence.’
      • ‘We are told that they are well under control by the military, that they are closely overseen.’
      • ‘The long linen with the faded image of a bearded man is the object of centuries-old fascination and wonderment, and closely kept under wrap.’
      • ‘The secret has been very closely kept.’
      • ‘In future, his feelings would be kept closely buttoned up, and personal confessions avoided.’
      • ‘They have created a sizable, highly specialized, and closely controlled intelligence system.’
      • ‘The decision will be eyed closely by the airline industry and competitors, many of which have been denied state bailouts by the commission.’